Couples therapy in Milan

couples therapy Milan ItalyThere may come a time when you realize that your relationship with your spouse or significant other is not what it once was. Communication problems might be at the heart of the matter – what you think you’re saying is not necessarily what your partner is hearing. A betrayal of trust may have occurred – this might be another relationship, sharing private conversations, or failing to keep a promise. Financial pressures might play a part – you disagree on spending or saving. Outside pressures from work may make you less able to engage fully when you’re together. Living abroad adds its own special challenges – everyone reacts differently to a change in environment and cultural differences may affect one partner more strongly than the other. You may disagree on relationships with other family members, whether it’s different parenting styles or maintaining a healthy rapport with in-laws.

If you think couples therapy in Milan might be the key to improving your relationship, I have the strategies and tools to help.

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