Parenting Milan

parenting milanBecoming a new parent is an exciting event, but it can also be overwhelming. So much to learn, so many different theories, so many opinions from family and friends. Having the experience in Italy only adds more things to think about. My two daughters were both born here in Italy, so I know first hand the particular challenges that new parents face when far away from their home country. It’s normal for a new mother to panic about everything, because the potential consequences of making a mistake can be frightening. Suddenly you are responsible for another human being who is completely dependent on you and you realize that you don’t have all of the answers. Parenting is something that every person has to learn without prior experience. Everyone starts from the same point and learns along the way what works best and what works least. All of a sudden you need to be an expert in health, behavior, nutrition and so many other areas and you have to trust yourself that you are making the right choices based on the best information. Parenting in Milan is a different experience from what it would be “back home,” so advice from family friends who live elsewhere is often not as relevant here. It’s harder to decide if something is wrong or just different.

Remember, you are not alone! Years of experience from a trained professional are available to help you.

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